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Today's Date: Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Obroa-Skai Anime Reference Guide
-Patlabor: The Mobile Police (TV Series)-

  • Original Name: Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor (1989)
  • Anime Type: TV Series - 47 episodes
  • Partially Available: DVD (1-2 of 47)
DVDEpisode 1: Ingram Activated
DVDEpisode 2: Kanuka Has Come
Episode 3: This is SV2
Episode 4: Head to the Mountain of Mystery!
Episode 5: Runaway Labor X-10
Episode 6: The Tower: SOS
Episode 7: Glorious Type 97 Modified
Episode 8: Elusive Green
Episode 9: Red Labor Landing
Episode 10: Eve's Trap
Episode 11: Eve's Terror
Episode 12: Ohta's One Troubled Afternoon
Episode 13: Gently, Your Highness
Episode 14: You Win
Episode 15: The Whale That Sang a Song
Episode 16: The Unit Crosses the Sea
Episode 17: Target, Chief Goto
Episode 18: I Love Noa-sempai
Episode 19: Shadow in Geo-Front
Episode 20: Movement in the Dark
Episode 21: Phantom Again
Episode 22: Labor and Flower
Episode 23: Kanuka's Report
Episode 24: Farewell Kanuka
Episode 25: Storm of Spring
Episode 26: I'm Takeo Kumagami
Episode 27: A Calling Voice in the Dark
Episode 28: Suspicious Duo
Episode 29: SV2 Wiped Out!
Episode 30: Griffon was Here!
Episode 31: Tragedy in Rain
Episode 32: Reunion
Episode 33: Hounds of SCHAFT
Episode 34: The Battle of the Gate
Episode 35: Griffon Down
Episode 36: Noa's Adventure
Episode 37: Safety on Sales
Episode 38: Underground Labyrinth Case
Episode 39: Mass Production Plan
Episode 40: Shore Watch Out Order
Episode 41: Save the Terrorists
Episode 42: Return of the Men
Episode 43: Working Ladies
Episode 44: CLAT Forever
Episode 45: Freedom to Choose a Job
Episode 46: It's Name, Zero
Episode 47: Condition Green

- Symbol Key -

  • Blu-Ray - Blu-Ray High Definition Disc
  • DVD - DVD Disc
  • VHS - VHS Tape
  • CD - Compact Disc
  • Book - Book

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