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Today's Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Obroa-Skai Anime Reference Guide
-Blue Seed-

  • Anime Type: TV Series - 26 episodes
  • Available: DVD (1-26 of 26)
DVDEpisode 1: Princess Kushinada
DVDEpisode 2: It's Cruel! It's Mysterious! It's My Destiny!
DVDEpisode 3: It's Spring! It's The Capital! I'll Do My Best!
DVDEpisode 4: More Bad Luck! Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
DVDEpisode 5: Surprise! She's The Mother Of Science!
DVDEpisode 6: Complicated & Hard To Understand! Being A Man Puts You Into Such A Difficult Position!
DVDEpisode 7: I'm Fired Up! I'll Do It! Because I'm The Kushinada!
DVDEpisode 8: What? How Strange! A Rival Appears!
DVDEpisode 9: Are You Serious? Is This A Dream? An Exciting Date!
DVDEpisode 10: Innocence! Love! My First Kiss!
DVDEpisode 11: Irritating! Jealous?! Unbelievable!
DVDEpisode 12: Can You Feel It? I Can't Ignore It! An Ominous Premonition Of Catastrophe!
DVDEpisode 13: I Love You! This Is So Extreme! It's Time To Confess!
DVDEpisode 14: A Chase Down Yamato Highway! Love Under Fire!
DVDEpisode 15: Lost & Trembling On A Trip To Michinoku!
DVDEpisode 16: Japan Is A Paradise! Tears In Wakasa
DVDEpisode 17: Let It Bloom Japan! A Blizzard Of One-Sided Love!
DVDEpisode 18: Geez! Oh, Man! Sakura's Not Good Enough!
DVDEpisode 19: Heat Haze! Start On A Journey! Love, I Won't Be Far From You
DVDEpisode 20: I'm Home! Izumo! The Prologue Of Hope!
DVDEpisode 21: Goodbye? No Way! Separation With Tears?
DVDEpisode 22: Sadness, Fate, Momiji Kushinada
DVDEpisode 23: Meeting Again, Starting the Journey, I Won't Give Up!
DVDEpisode 24: The Setting Sun, The Coming Day, A Private Time For Each One
DVDEpisode 25: All Or Nothing! Decision! My Fate!
DVDEpisode 26: New Soul

- Symbol Key -

  • Blu-Ray - Blu-Ray High Definition Disc
  • DVD - DVD Disc
  • VHS - VHS Tape
  • CD - Compact Disc
  • Book - Book

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